I created this blog to express.. well, everything. I’ve always struggled with free expression and understanding feelings and emotions. I want to be able to sort through them and be able to recognise what I’m really feeling at a particular moment, and react accordingly and appropriately.

I also love to write. Everything from poetry to prose. I draw. I sing. I play piano (or I used to, rather). I want to put myself out there, not just for me, but also for other people who may find themselves “connecting” with some of my posts.

Aside from poetry and daily events, I would like to discuss my way of looking at certain things and feelings, and analyse a typical reaction I have to such things and perhaps contrast that with a more appropriate response.

Whilst coming to terms with feelings and emotions, I have been trying to find out how I, personally, define constructs such as “happiness” and “sadness”.

The biggest question, however, remains. Who am I?

I am 22 years old.
I’ve recently completed my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology.
I was working with a great organisation to help people with personality disorders.
I’m an only child.

Those are just the facts.

What I want to discover is who am I? What makes me me?

K xoxo


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